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Now We’re Cooking with Gas

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A recent power outage was more of a blessing in disguise for me. While the power was out, I couldn't use my electric stove to cook anything. This made me want to switch over to a gas stove, where I could cook as long as I had an active gas line. Using a gas line for cooking meant that I would be paying more for gas usage. Given how terrible my gas prices were, I had to rethink my strategy for getting a gas stove. My best option was to look at the Ohio gas companies and find one that would give me a lower price.

There were more gas options in the Ohio area than I realized. I found a list of them on a website and was able to compare them based on their prices and what they offered for consumers. One thing that I really wanted to look at was the ability to have a set price that wouldn't fluctuate wildly when there were times when I would use more gas. My electric company has a plan like this and I love it, especially during the summer when I use a lot of electricity to power the air conditioner. I found just the plan that suited my needs and switched to them from my old gas company.

After making the switch from electric to gas, and to my new gas company, I've been thrilled with my stove. It seems as if heating cookware doesn't take as long as it did with the electric stove. The stove also has an advantage that I didn't even think about when I purchased it. On my electric stove, the eyes would eventually burn out, and I would have to replace them. The metal trays underneath these eyes would also become charred and need to be replaced as well. The gas stove simply uses flames, so there's nothing to replace.

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